My  mama (grandmother), cooks all the time. Her love and her passion for us is shown through her cooking…among many  MANY other ways.

She passes her amazing South Indian recipies down to me …and MATT tries to recreate them…quite successfully I must say.

Last week while we were in Florida, mama made us chapatis.

We spent the day with her cooking and chatting… Just look at those amazing hands.

I ate chapatis as a child, they were often in my tiffin (steel stacked lunchbox) always accompanied by a spicy mango pickle or lime pickle. You can use a chapati to scoop up some chicken/lamb/beef/veg curry or bindhi masala or any similar dish. Chapatis sometimes take the place of rice. You can’t really get chapatis at Indian restaurants…unless you ask for it …usually you get Naan… a different kind of bread.

Chapatis are different depending on the region…in India.  Roti, and Naan and other similar breads are usually the front runners at many restaurant here in the northeast.

Wikipedia has a great way to explain it so I think you should read more about it

Lily and Matt helped make the chapatis …from scratch!

Mixing the wheat flour with oil and water. no measurements people…just ‘eye it”

Mama rolls out the wheat flour …

cooking the chapati on a tava – a flat specialized skillet.

I need to buy a tava and I need to see mama more often.