Virginia IS for lovers.

We are on our summer vacation.

Matt and I love road trips. We love to explore and discover new and fun places. Thankfully Lily does too.The idea of an adventure in the year 2010 is sometimes a rarity. With schedules to keep and things to accomplish and jobs and stress…ugh!

We are on our annual summer vacation-roadtrip and for the past two days we have been in Virginia with our good friends S&H&E.

The best part about being with S&H&E is that we truly get to hang with them and chat and re-connect and enjoy our stay…as opposed to sight-seeing and being “out’ all day. We just hang out and eat and drink and play and catch-up. My favorite type of visit!

S&H&E can cook! I mean every time we see them, we have at least 4 new amazing recipes we MUST try out and share.

Pics and recipes coming up.

Tomorrow ….HOTLANTA!