Bird Bath

Recently we changed the feed in our bird feeders and have seen a huge influx of wild birds. We used to get a common mix of bird food from the pet store but recently bought a bag of black sunflower seeds on sale. This has been great! We now we have a who’s who of birds in our back yard.  Lily has really enjoyed identifying and naming all the birds and sadly, Jonah did catch one of them.

Lily wanted to make a bird bath for the birds. It’s been in the nineties here in NY and we have been frequenting the town pool to stay cool.

Lily collected some leaves and stones and make a sweet little bird bath for the cardinals and red-breasted robins and chickadee’s.

It didn’t hold water too well, but it worked.

Lily decided that she too wanted a bird bath, so we decided to make one from things we found lying around.

We took some Target plastic bags, ripped them in half and then  arranged them in the grass.

Next we circled black lawn edging around the plastic bags…

and taped the two materials together.

We filled it up with water and…

SPLASH! a Bird bath for Lily!

Jonah wanted a part of it too.

Happy Summer.