First Sleepover

Lily had her first sleepover this weekend.

So… after my sister texts me while I am at a salsa club for the elementary school, to say that Jonah BIT her hand and it’s BLEEDING and should she go to the hospital… (how many things are strange about this sentence)

It all started like this:

Lily starts Kindergarten in September so I was invited to an elementary school parents social outing. It was a couples thing, but Matt was out-of-town and my friend’s husband did not want to go so of course…it was time to schedule a mini sleepover.

Lily was to spend the night at her friend’s home while I went out with the mom to this parents event.

All was well, I dropped Lily off in her PJ’s, she was so excited and off I went to this parents thing.

Ok, so I live in the burbs of NYC and who knew there was a crazy salsa party going on on Friday nights right here in my neighbourhood. Anyway, the event is going smooth, I meet and greet with some of the parents and the fist pumping starts ( totally joking) and get a flashback to my HS years… I get a text from my sis, (My sis lives nearby and was  visiting and was at my home hanging out with Jonah).

She says, Jonah and I were playing and he bit me and my finger is bleeding,

I call her and ask if she’s ok, she say’s yes I’ll be OK.

So I get back to the fist pumping.

Then I get a call from the parent who is with Lily, Lily wants to go home, she says she wants to be with her Aunt (my sis)

I say, no worries I can come get her

Parent: It’s ok I’ll drop her off. She really wants to go home and says she has an earache.

I think about this, talk to the other parents and call my sis who assures me that it’s ok and she’ll be fine and I should continue with the fist pumping.

10 mins later I get a call from my sis: Lily is FREAKING out and says she needs you really bad, I think you need to come home.

I immediately get into my car and go home. I get home in 10 mins. I can hear Lily SCREAMING from my car. She was a total wreck, she had worked herself up into such a frenzy that she could not calm herself down. Luckily I was able to channel my inner “supermom” and was totally calm throughout the night. Her screaming and wailing continued for about 2 hours. She finally crashed and fell asleep around 2:30am

The next morning she couldn’t stop talking about what fun the sleepover was or how fantastic her bestie was and….. It was like the crying never happened!

and my sister’s bleeding -wound -from -the -dog -bite…it didn’t even pierce the skin!!!