Here’s to the Graduates

Tis the season for graduations. My friend from high school graduated from Princeton with a Doctorate in Theology, My baby sis graduated from Dental school, she moved to NY yesterday and will be a practicing dentist in NYC starting this summer…watch out!

The most important graduation  we had this month was …my Lilypie. She graduated from preschool last week.

It was a sweet event with over enthusiastic parents and an after party overflowing with all kinds of tasty food. The kids were all dressed up for the event and the parents and grandparents and neighbours and aunts and uncles and cousins were all there to support.

Ok … we’re talking about a PRESCHOOL graduation…it was big time..who knew!

I didn’t sign up Lily for any camps this summer. I want to spend as much time with her before she enters the school years. I’m a bit sad, this is all going to fast for me.

I feel this is my last summer before I lose my Lilypie to ‘other’ people. She will be with her school teachers and friends more than Matt and I and that makes me anxious.

Of course she will be fine and of course  I will be fine…but what if?? right? What if she gets caught up with the wrong crowd, what if those silly little silly bands wreck havoc in our home, what if she gets bullied, what if she is the bully, what  if she’s the smelly kid, what if she does not like her teacher….arrgh!

Then again…what if it all works out and she becomes an amazing human being and changes the world!

Happy graduation graduates of all ages..go out and “be the change you wish to see in the world” – gandhi