when they were kids…

Lily plays with some of the greatest little kids. I thank my lucky stars everyday that she’s got such a supportive and good  little posse.

These kids all play soccer together, and while my 5 year old wonder is not too eager to master the game of soccer, her friend Orangello (name made up) is a soccer star.

Last week Orangello had a particularly great class, he was scoring goals and running really fast and had his eyes on the prize. Totally unlike my monkey who was chasing…well her other friend..on the opposite side of the field!

Oh No! not soccer!!

Orangello came over to me for high fives and here’s what happened:

Me: Way to go Orangello, You are playing so well. How do you feel?

Orangello: Weeeeeell, I just peed in my pants.


Soccer star is still a 5 yr old.

I couldn’t help but fast forward 11-12 yrs from now when Orangello is a soccer stud in High School and all the ladies are hangin on him and think…”weeeell, I just peed in my pants!”

There a still a few moments in our 5 year olds lives when I realize, they STILL are babies.

They grow up so fast that I am really cherishing every moment and waiting to catch  a few more  glimpses  of these childish moments.

Lily graduates from Preschool next week so be prepared for my motherly musings on “my baby is growing up”.