someone else made me do it

Have you ever said something in an hem..unkind tone to your child and then regretted it.

That was me today.

I was just irritated for part of the day and took it out on my kid. I didn’t scream at her or anything, I just spoke to her in a firm and mean kind of way…and now I regret it.

Me: Fine Lily let’s play Wii and get it over with!

Lily: Mommy you hurt my feelings, you don’t want to play with me. Nice mommies don’t say that.(Sob sob SOOOB)

You see it’s not my fault. Someone else made me do it. I had been chatting with this person all day and this person just irritated me and I was so annoyed that I took it out on my kid. My frustration with someone else came out on my terrible!!!

This happens right? I’m not the only one?

Now, I am mad at the person for me being mad at my kid.

My dog and child were neglected today…all day.

I had to get my newsletter for my dance company sent out today, so I planned on working on it and finishing it off in the morning when Lily is in preschool. When I went to drop Lily off, the class mom said, “hey we are having a meeting about the end of year party”. I totally forgot about the meeting so I went to the meeting to do my part. I mean it’s my kids final year of preschool and I want to be a part of the party planning. Well this harmless action threw me off my schedule for the rest of the day! I was so behind on everything. This meant Lily had to play in her room …solo…while I labored on my mac. It took me all afternoon to get this newsletter done… in between snacks and love breaks!

Usually when I am anxious or irritated about something, I try this meditation technique where you take ONE FULL MINUTE ( it’s going to seem like  lifetime) and close your eyes and breath in through your nose and count to five and breathe out with your mouth and count to five. This just helps you stop and slow down and PURGE the negative stuff within you. It works for me.

I should have done it today!