Happy Earth Day all!

I have not been posting lately as I have been sickity sick!

Yep laid up in bed kinda sick. So my apologies for being a bad blogger.

We are doing a lot here for earth day..especially becuase I want to raise an Earth-aware child.

Me: What day is today Lily?

Lily: Earth Day!

Me: Oh yea, what does that mean?

Lily: It means we must pick up the trash, and take care of the earth, we should not litter and we should recycle our juice bottles and paper.

Me: That’s great Lily.

Lily: We picked up trash at school today and we planted a seed.

Me: Wonderful, what else should we do on Earth Day?

Lily: We shouldn’t flush the pip (pee pee)

That’s right..when it’s yellow let it mellow! When it’s brown flush it down!

My little Earth Baby.