I have been a bit M.I.A lately. I have been sick and then my family has been in town and the weather outside has been nice all these things put together make for one very bad blogger.

I’m sorry! But do not fear, I have not abandoned my blogging duties. Blogging is my passive attempt at a creative outlet. I need this little blog to focus and think and create!

I am starting a new segment here.


Every monday I hope to post something I made over the weekend. In really hope that this declaration will force me to be productive over the weekend and try my hand at all the wonderful things I have always wanted to do.

This weekend I screenprinted a shopping bag for my sis.

She’s a dentist!

This is a canvas bag and I printed it using screen-printing ink and contact paper. The tooth design was hand drawn by my husband. I’ll do a DIY about this soon.

You know how I love making things with ‘found’ objects right? Well, I do. I love finding materials that are going to recycling bins or trash bins and I repurpose these objects and make things with them.

So here I made a little zippered pouch from burlap I found at a coffee shop.

The lining is from an old piece of fabric from one of my shows. Zipper is off of a pair of pants headed to the thrift store.

As you can clearly see my sewing skills are not quite right. but I am certainly working on it and will be doing a small giveaway soon.

Let me know if you want to join in on the MaKe.SomETHinG.MoNDay I’d love to have some company!