Get rid of mosquitos the eco friendly way

We spend every warm evening having dinner outdoors. When summer finally hits and the lightning bugs come out, Matt and I love watching Lily run around the yard catching them.

All is fun and games until the killer mosquitoes comes out for blood! I have tried so many things, and of course the exterminator and his toxic fumes work, but I wanted to try something s bit more eco-friendly this year. A lot of mosquito spray’s have Deet, which is not good for the kiddies. Learn about it here.

While visiting my mom in Florida earlier this year, we went to Alys Beach, FL. If you have not visitied the panhandle of Florida you are missing out on some serious beauty! The Gulf Coast of Florida, AKA Emerald Coast is absolutely gorgeous, the sugar fine sand,  the clear waters, the fresh seafood, crawfish, scallops, boating, swimming and plain ole relaxing is TOP notch in this region. It happens year round!!!

Then why do I live in NY you ask?

Because I am a dancer and choreographer and need to be fed by all things art and NY is where it’s at! Maybe one day I’ll move back…if I can afford to live in Alys Beach.

Anyway, Alys beach is an eco-friendly community, founded in New Urbanism which promotes communtiy living, eco living, sustainability and walking and meeting neighbours and connectedness. How perfect!

While at Alys Beach, we played at their childrens playground and saw these bubbles floating around everywhere. At first i thought the bubbles were part of the “luxury’ of this luxury community. But when I read about this park, I found out it was a eco way to manage the insects. How clever!!

So when I researched further, I found out that you and I can have a bit of this econess in our back yards.

*Just pick up an automatic bubble maker at Target or any such store, they cost about $10.

*Fill it up with Bubble juice and let it run while you are outdoors. The soap makes it hard for Mosquitoes to fly and get’s in hard to reach places in the grass where mosquitoes love to live and plot how to suck your blood. Also, I have heard that if you put a few drops of lemongrass oil, it’s a deterrent.

*You can make your own bubble solution, it’s cheaper and eco-er. One parts dishwashing soap to 10 parts water.

More eco-friendly ways to get rid of mosquitoes:

*1 tbsp Apple Cider vinegar to 4oz of water. Put this is a spray bottle and spray down your furniture, and plants and nearby areas.

* Listerine: My mom told me that spraying listerine on your plants and grass and in the air around is great too. I have not tried this. will try tonight.

If you live by a swamp, then good luck! Call an exterminator.

There ya go, these are my suggestions…the bubbles being my fav.