This was meant to be a long post full of sentiment and beauty and stories. But I spent the day outdoors with my baby and decided to live the celebration instead of write about the reason.

Today, 2 yrs ago, Matt and I received a phone call from our attorney in Florida.

He said…You are not going to believe this, but Lily is yours! (or something like that)

Our adoption story of Lily is painful and beautiful.

I do want to write about it soon, because I want other adoptive parents to know that there is hope in the fight.

Lily was with us for 45 days (we thought the adoption was final) and had to go back to florida in 2006. (florida sucks in the childwelfare department!)

2 yrs later….we got her back. on this day in 2008.

I promise to write more about this, mainly for Lily to read when she gets older.