church lady

This morning at church, an older woman in the congregation made me quite upset and question my actions all day. I can’t seem to shake this off so maybe I can get some advice from some of you readers.

Lily had on a beautiful handknitted sweater and had buttoned it up all by herself, crooked.

I  didn’t see any issue with this. It was perfect!

This particular older woman decided to fix it, and grabbed Lily and started to unbutton her sweater, when I said, “oh please don’t, it’s ok” she, without even glancing at me said, “no no it’s not ok”, I repeated myself, ” no really please let her go, it’s ok”, she says, again not galncing at me, “it’s not ok, its not perfect”.

At this point I had to physically get in front of her and move Lily out of the way, upon which she shot me a ” I’ll kick you” look and walked off.

I thought her behaviour was incredibly rude and disrespectful and although I was very nice and coordial while dealing with her, I can’t help but wonder if I should have stood up to her in a firmer manner, for Lily’s sake.

Does the older generation feel it’s ok or important to give the younger generation unsolicited parenting advice?

I’m sure this woman meant no ill will by fixing the buttons on Lily’s sweater, but her complete disregard for my repeated request was what I found surprising and offensive.

Was this woman wrong?

Will I too be subjecting some unsuspecting kid to my ‘perfection” notions when I am 70?