‘with an S on my chest”

I had a show this last night in New Jersey, land of the Sopranos, Jersey Shore and Bruce Springsteen.

My faboosh dance company was asked to perform at this amazing event that was supported by the IAAC and the Indian Consulate.

I presented an 8 minute work that I was very proud and artistically happy with.

As you know, my struggle has been trying to fit my performance life into my momlife. Matt is truly amazing, his support and pure understanding of this internal battle I have with myself daily is …awesome.

I rented a minivan, yes a minivan – a car I have sworn of off in my daily world, “i will never!”– so I rent a minivan to go on ‘tour’ to New Jersey.

Oh what fun! I got the mac daddy of minivans’ the Dodge Caravan. This thing was great, spacious and a comfy ride!

I was so in my element on stage, the work I presented was accepted really well and I felt right with myself. I felt like my dance life had grabbed me by the core and said…come back girl!!!!

View from the wings

So here I am speaking to the other choreographers and producers and dancers when one of the choreographers runs up to me and says, “I really want to stay for your piece but I have to run home. I have a 3 month old baby at home and my pump just broke this week and I have to go feed him.”



This moment made me understand the strength, and power of Mothers. This choreographer literally finished performing and ran off to breast feed her 3 month old baby. The show was in Jersey, and she lives in Manhattan and had to drive back in the torrential rain. That’s a long ride!

I was humbled and felt like my little complaints were tiny compare to her struggle of being a dancer/choreographer AND juggling FEEDING her baby.

Go moms! we rock.