A kids Tim Burton

Lily recently watched the movie, Corpse Bride and LOOVED it.  I will not review the movie for you as I’m sure there are plenty online and you can just google it. I’ll give you my quick summary though…cuz I have to get my 2cents in somehow.

The movie was great, not too scary, the characters loveable and funny and that’s what made the ‘tim-burtoness’ of it all entertaining for a 5 yr old. Lily has fallen in love with the songs and the music and the storyline, which is very engaging for adults as well. So I give the Corpse bride all my thumbs up!

Since I spend so much time in rehearsal in Soho and Brooklyn, Matt and Lily hang out in the neighbourhood and explore. Recently, while I was rehearsing at the Joyce in Soho they wandered into the Animazing Gallery on Green street that had Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride clay pupptes. Lily has been mesmerized with this ever since. She has been making little corpse bride clay figureines and paper cutouts and acting out her own plays.

So when I realized that there is a Tim Burton interactive exhibit at the MOMA…we had to go. So we’re off.