make some art!!

Lily can sit and color and draw and create for hours! Her little mind is amazing and the stories are just great.

Here is a drawing of Nana, Daddy, her best friend, Lily and Mommy. ( from left to right)

This one is- Daddy, Lily, Mommy and Jonah holding balloons:

Lily is still dealing the loss of our Newfoundland dog, Lincoln Duncan. This is a picture of our souls going up to heaven. Lincoln is at the top waiting for us. Melts my heart.

Follow the rainbow:

I gave her a new set of paints and brushes that she experimented with.

The best sorry note I have ever seen. Lily dictated as I wrote the note. She also told me EXACTLY where to write the words, as to compliment and not distract from the art work.

Here’s hoping for spring to spring up soon:

Her latest song while she’s up to something:

I love Lily’s sense of scale and her design esthetic. and..of course I love my Lily pie!