Kitchen stories

Lily and I made Ravioli over the weekend.

I have been trying really hard to cook edible food and not stick to my staples of eggs and noodles and rice. Matt is the cook in our family. He whips up these meals that are amazing. We have lots of great cookbooks, most of the William’s Sonoma books, Martha Stewart FOOD, Rachel Ray Orange book ( matt loves her, me..not so much), Ina Garten ( i want to be her for a day)…so the point is that Matt can go through these books and whip up the most amazing meals with sauces and garnish and side dishes that took all day. I mean ..why does a side dish take all day?

I am certainly spoiled. Lily has developed an amazing palate.

Matt has started cooking Indian food using my grandmothers recipies. It’s really quite sweet. he follows each and every single instruction with the ultimate care and channels my grandmother while cooking, Often times calling her in Florida to ask for more instructions like, ” how much is “just a little bit of chilli pepper“? These are important details!

I decided to step it up. Do my part in the culinary department of our family infrastructure.

So I decided to make Ravioli from scratch!

Yep, I went big. Go big or get out of the kitchen is what I say.

I found a very simple recipie in a kids magazine, Parents, or Family Fun or ‘do this with your kids now’…magazine.

It called for Flour, Eggs and Salt.

I got all my ingredients and we set to it!

I even pulled out the pasta maker I bought from TJ Maxx 6 years ago. Never been used…so this was a big moment.

After dropping the heavy pieces of the pasta maker on my toe several times, I iced my big toe and set to making ravioli.

It’s a just a Flesh wound…Life of Brian..anyone? Anyone?

Lily mixed the eggs. A few shells fell in, but what the heck…it’ll cook down.

We made a mound with our flour and then pooled the egg inside it. This is so we could gently “fold” the flour into the egg. That’s easy to say…have you tried to ‘fold’ an egg before? pssha!!

Egg volcano

Lily mixed the dough and did a great job ‘folding” the egg. This is really a great activity for kids. I am in no way a neat freak and I am fortunate to have a metal topped kitchen table from the 40’s (given to us by Matt’s grandparents), it’s easy to clean. Kids love playing with tangible things, like glue and flour and shaving cream. Lily had a blast with this process.

Next we wrapped it up! It has to be wrapped up for about 30 mins. And left it on the table…NOT in the fridge.

Then we cut out heart shapes to make our ravioli

Ravioli made with …lurve.

Ok the rest did not turn out. We made a filling with Rcotta cheese and mint flakes and milk..the dog ate that before we could get to fill it.

Then my pasta maker handles fell on Lily’s toes and she cried for a long time. then I did not roll the dough out for long enough and it was really tough and nasty when we cooked it, also, I forgot to check the pantry for tomato sauce so we didn’t have any tomato sauce. we ended up eating frozen chicken nuggets.

Moral of the story is: Matt should cook from now on. I’m getting out of the kitchen.

…well…..until next time!