in the snow

We have had a lot’s of snow this week and the past two days have been a winter wonderland. Lily has loved playing in the snow, thank goodness we have a great big back yard with unlimited possibilities.

Jonah and Lily have kept themselves occupied with a game that seems to never get old.

Lily makes three large snowballs to make a snowman *  Jonah sits patiently in the snow watching every technical step of this creation *Jonah waits for her to stack them on top of one another and then pounces on the snowman and destroys him * Lily starts over. It is very entertaining to watch.


After playing in our backyard we decided to go for a walk through the neighbourhood. Tak eadvantage of no traffic and the slow pace.

He could jump it if he wanted to.

The church on the corner. The architecture draped is gleaming snow…the beauty just cannot be matched.

Church on Main

Enjoy your snow day all. This might be our last for the season.