I have to really focus and get with the program today. Which program? I’m not sure.

I live in the Northeast where we are about to get this major snowstorm, The newscasters are giddy over this storm becasue they get extra coverage on the telly and get to say things like, “this is a big one”, “not since last month have we had a storm such as this”, “I hope the city has enough salt for the roads”..ha!

I kid , I kid.

We certainly are anticipating a big storm today, My fab show in NJ has been cancelled. boo. All that rehearsing and all those schedule and all my minivan rental from ZIP CAR, which by the way is an AMAZING thing..ZIPCAR, all has been cancelled today.

Thankfully my 5 yr old wonder is in school, So at least I can get something done before she gets back.

I am planning our snowday activities.

Recently, I asked my friends for art project ideas on snowdays with a 5 yr old. We’ve had a good serving of these days this season. My friends suggested a variety of things, glue projects,finger painting, puppet show, dressup, playing with beans..dry beans, all fun but a bit …how do I say this…simple for the monkey.

We do at least one art project a day and as my husband stated, Lily is on her way to getting a MFA in art. We do decoupage, papermache, Screen printing, sewing, beadwork, sculpting, sunprints…etc

Today on the arts menu, we’re going to work on this fab  cardboard house.

Lily and Jonah

It’s amazing. It’s a cardboard house that you can decorate any way you want.Paint, stickers, glitter, glue, gems..all of it! woohoo!

Of course we will be spending endless hours outside in the snow.

Right now I have to enjoy the silence, I have two hours, before the monkey gets back,  to get with the program