My feet are blistered from my rehearsals for my show on Thursday. They are bleeding and the blood is sticking to my socks, So I decided to wear flip flops when I dropped Lily off at preschool. One of the mom’s looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you are wearing flip flops in this weather, put on some shoes”. She’s a nice mom, I like her, so she was just saying it. I explained my situation..and she totally did not get it. People must really wonder what goes on in my world. In the summers when I wear shorts or skirts or things that exposed my legs and feet, I would have floor burns, and scrapes and all kinds of goodies on my feet. Dance wounds are what I call them.

Anyway, Lily is sweet, she looked at my feet this afternoon and said, ouch mommy, maybe next time you should only curtsey and turn and dance like a princess so you don’t get hurt.

My angel.

I would post a picture of my feet, but It’s lunch time and I don’t want you to get sick while you are reading my blog and lunching!