Worms for dinner

I made really nasty , gross, yucky spaghetti today just so I could feed it to my five yr old and make her cry.

You really would think this is what I did if you heard the drama that’s going  on over a bowl of spaghetti

“Mommy, this is the grossest food ever”

“why do i have to eat this gross food”

“you made yucky spaghetti for me because you don’t love me.”

This is what I have had to hear all evening. Does anyone else have to deal with this?

The mundane job of making breakfast, lunch and dinner DAILY really plays a number on my psych. It is a daily thing for me to clean the kitchen floor, for me to fold the laundry, to wipe down bathroom counters, to pick up toys, to deal with emotional tantrums, to chase down socks the dog is eating and to be the target of frequent spells..yes Harry Potter spells.

Spaghetti happens to be the 5 yr old’s fav food..but today it was really yucky and gross because as she stated, I don’t love her and that’s why I made her yucky food.

I am trying the whole, make her sit in her chair until she finishes trick, but it’s not working for me.

Well at least it gives me a sec to blog about the sounds coming from the kitchen.

Now we have moved on to a song about Spaghetti and how much is “it not good”. Apprently, no one should have to eat spaghetti because mommy’s might make a mistake and cook worms instead and no one would know and then the babies would have to eat worms.