tiny furniture

Tiny things all around me. Tiny is in right now, in human world and design world and especially here in my world.

My tiny baby is going to be 5 tomorrow. She is growing up. still tiny though. I wish I could have amazing things to say about this event..her age change …but after a full day, i just can’t focus.

It snowed this morning and we had a snow day and we wondered what the fairies would do for lunch and dinner …i mean their tables and chairs are all under snow. So we got to action and made some new chairs and tables and dishes for those little freezing fairies.

tiny fairy furniture

We made this cute little set out of Crayola Air Dry clay. Lily and I molded the little mushroom tops and bottoms. We added a tiny bit of water to help the pieces stick to one another. after they dried, we painted them with regular ole tempera paint. FYI, we had all these materials at home. The clay was a gift a few months ago and the paint has been around for years. I’m so excited about how great they turned out that I might make some for Lily’s friends.

I am sure the fairies are enjoying their new furniture!

I’ll have to post a pic of it outside. (bad blogger, does not think ahead)