Sick Puppy

My 1 yr old St. Bernard Puppy is sick.

He has been throwing up small amounts of yellow frothy stuff.   Bile. He did not eat for a day and was restless and lethargic. He finally ate a healthy amount last night but around 5am today he threw it all up. Although the vomit was healthier than the yellow bile, it was still vomit and all his food that was consumed the previous evening came back out. He was so sad and jumped on the bed and layed on top of me. ( ST. Bernards lay right on top of their humans…it’s an instinct to keep us warm, but this is a heavy pup!). Jonah felt hot to the touch and had a fever.


Lily was very sad about this all day yesterday and wouldn’t let anyone near Jonah. At one point early in the day I asked Jonah if he was feeling any better and Lily looked at me with tear filled eyes and said, “mommy don’t talk to him in a sad voice”. It broke my heart.

Just last year we lost out 7 year old Newfoundland. He was the best dog and a major part of our family. Lily misses him  a lot and the thought of Jonah being sick is too much for her little heart to bear.

I called our amazing vet, Dr. Israel at Bedford Village Vet Hospital. He thinks that Jonah probably just ate some deer poop out back or maybe a frozen dead animal and will be sick for a few days. So boiled rice and chicken is his dinner tonight!

I am dreading walking through the backyard and searching for frozen animals…I’ll make Matt do it.

***Update*** Chicken and rice did the trick. Thanks Dr. Israel. Of course a whole lot of loving helped too. Jonah is back to his tricks and eating all the dollies he can get his teeth on!