I need my privacy


It totally happend to me. I happen to be really tech savy, a tech Diva if you will. I know a lot about my computer and the internet and youtube, FB, twitter, myspace, ning…etc.

So imagine my surprise when today I get an email in my inbox from my youtube account that some pervert left a comment about a video of Lily dancing. .

I immediately rushed over to my YouTube account to do damage control. Of the vids posted of Lily, this one in particular  received approx 5THOUSAND hits!!! My others have recieved under 200. All by friends. So imagine my shock!

Well one of my “friends” sent this vid along to someone who then in turn sent it along to someone else..etc. The reason my “friend” sent this vid along was because Lily was dancing around my beloved dog Lincoln, who was a giant Newfoundland and was very impressive to look at. This friend never expected this video to get in the wrong hands and somehow become public.

This friend “shared” my video on their youtube site and thus made it public.

OMG people wake up please!!! If I can get hacked into, then you certainly will. Please please take care of your info, your pics..on FB, twitter…even on Blogs.

Needless to say, I have fixed the problem. I will not be sending my vids out to aquaintances.

FYI: on YouTube, it’s not enough that you set your privacy settings on your account. You have to set the privacy for EACH OF YOUR POSTS. do it…do it NOW!!!

I am so shaken up over here. I had such a great post about my new vacuum cleaner but this has got me all kinds of upset!