Failed flylady

Oh Flylady, I failed you. Your wisdom has not been applied in this flybaby.

I failed people, I failed bad. I was so good for 2 days. two whole days, I wore my shoes and shined my sink and swished,  but day 3 went not good and day 4 was bad and day 5 it was like…what flylady! I have been skipping your daily emails in my inbox because if I don’t see the email, then the email doesn’t see me. right?

Oh Flylady, you are so good to me, I know you say baby-steps, but I am not even walking over here. I am a crawler and I am baby-crawling. Ok so i’ll try again, I’ll start on Monday and clean my sink., I’ll put on my shoes and I’ll look good and I’ll put my holiday items away…yes people, they are still up…and flylady, I will even swish and swipe and maybe even start on my control journal. I’ll do it. you’ll see.

and if I fail…baby-steps.