late again…

I didn’t get my christmas card out on time this year. But if I did, this it what it would say.

Dear _(your name here)____,

What a year 2009 has been! We started the year off with a sudden loss and then as all things go, we healed nicely.

In February the love of my life, Lincoln passed away. It was brutal, my heart has never ached this much ever. The sadness seeped into every being of my structure. He passed away very suddenly from liver failure he was 7 yrs old.We had a huge outpouring of support from our family and friends. Animals are truly a gift from God. Lily made kites with message like, “lincoln we love you” and “jesus give me back my dog”. It was very honest and touching to see a 4 year old deal with this loss.

In May, I produced a show for the Boogie Down bronx series, “Uncle Bruce says it’s cool”. It was great and incredibly stressful. Having a 4 yr old to juggle while producing a show with no nanny or babysitter is hard stuff! I am hoping to get more shows done in 2010.

Our summer was great, we took a big east coast road trip and Lily loved every single minute of it. We saw so many of our friends and family and came back ready for the second half of the year.

In late October, we got a call from a shelter about a 9 month old St. Bernard pup who needed a home. So that’s how we got Jonah. He is brilliant and loveable and Lily has totally been enjoying having another Giant in the house. Our socks are destroyed but our spirits are up and all is good at home.

We hope all you dreams come true in 2010 and hope you find time to dance and love and play with those you love.