Super FLY

So I started the FlyLady program.

For those of you who don’t know. The FlyLady teaches you housekeeping tips all the while inspiring you to life better and calmer. It’s a self help site and book for your home.

Now I am not a homemaker, housekeeper, laundryer, dishwasher, declutterer…I am none of these things that are sometimes associated with the “mom” word. So for this reason, I have been looking everywhere for help.

I tried Martha Stewart’s tips but I am learning that my dear Martha lives in la la land where everyone can afford major organizing overhaul systems from whatever swedish brand is the hottest and where people love cleaning and their entire house is in the pastel color pallette. I tried the martha way ..and it ain’t my way.

Next, I tried Real Simple. They have a fab magazine and also a great website with really helpful tools. But again, some things worked and most didn’t.

I needed help, I needed a housecleaning therapist. Matt picked up the FlyLady book for me one day and it has changed my thinking. Now I have had the book for about 3 months and it’s just today that I decided to START. really begin. I have been applying some of the tools sporatically to get a feel for the program and I liked it.

I like FlyLady’s pep talks, I like her writing, I trust her, she’s not pretentious, she does not expect you to have a pastel home where every single item is “designed”. The FlyLady helps you to just FLY.(finally love yourself). Ok that’s dramz. I do love myself and I am not in anyway down on me. But the clutter and especially laundry do me in sometimes. I can’t keep up. Just when I get a handle on the laundry and clutter, it -pulls- me- back -in.

So here we go. Day one of my Fly Lady plan.

I have already recieved my FLY email for the day and I have to tackle the bathroom and put away the rest of my holiday decor. How did she know???

Hope you check it out and sign up too and then maybe we can dish it.