back home

I’m finally back home from my whirlwind vaca in florida.

Twoweeks of family and fun and season type activities.

2 weeks is a long time to be gone from home. I missed my St. Bernard puppy Jonah who, upon seeing me last night, jumped all over me and bit my ears and licked me to no end…ahhh the love..and the black eye to prove that love.

I missed my ridicoulously powerful shower water pressure, I missed the bitter bitter cold and I missed my home office. My office is where I find some sense of structure in my crazy days. I missed reading my blogs and I missed my town.Time away always makes one miss what they have grown to take granted.

We started off our first day home in 2010 really well. Jonah chased all the wild beasts around our back yard, Lily got back to her singing and playing and not having anything to do with us (the teen angst has already started at age 4), I made my meditative run to Target, and came home and cooked a fab dinner. Seared  tuna salad, on a bed of lo-mein tossed in sesame oil, with a drizzle of wasabi, olive oil dressing and then topped off with small cubes of mango. Yummy 2010. hope to keep it going. I got this recipie from the Bare foot Contessa. Love her!

Happy 2010 y’all. hope you find what you are looking for this year. Thanks for reading my little blog and I hope you are patient as I find a way to be more consistent.

See ya tomorrow.