I am late on my postings. i have not fully commited to this blog i guess. I have the best of intentions and the VERY BEST of ideas but I just can’t find time to do it. I am learning how to prioritize my time.

Lily and I have been doing some awesome art projects lately. I have really been expanding her cute little mind to more advanced concepts like decoupage, and paper mache and negative space..etc. She loves it. Her drawings have gotten more detailed and her color combos are changing. It’s very interesting to watch my little artist grow. We made shadow boxes and worked with clay last week. Lily made the cutest shadow box using magazine cutouts and glitter and twigs and then we made a wole fairy red mushroom table and chair set that she loved playing with inside her shadow box.

*remember how i said I need to prioritize? well yes. I’ll post pics on these project soon …soon.

Matt has been enjoying our art projects and is always really amazed by what we create.

I am glad I got this post out. even if no one reads it. I got it out. it’s out there. and hopefully it will be the thing that gives me the momentum to do another tomorrow.