Water from above

I love NYC. I love NYC. and I love NYC.

Not just ‘heart” NYC. I love it. I love everything about New York City.

I love the secrets, the noise, the dirt, the gross stuff, the art stuff, the food, the opportunities and all the many many surprises that are everywhere!

I worked as a Concierge at a fab boutique hotel in Soho for about 3.5 yrs. I loved that job and I hated that job. I met , fun people, celebrity people and people who do great things. The hotel was not a tourist type of place. You either knew about it  or you didn’t. There was no advertising, no sign, nada.

It was great!!! I had some of my best times in that place. Maybe one of these posts will be me dishing all the dirt.

Anyway, when I moved to NYC in 2001, it was during the towers crashing down. I remember looking up all the time and seeing ash, smoke and fire. It lingered for months. The action of always looking up while walking through the streets became sort of a habit. You could see the smoke from the towers from every place in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I got my directional bearings based on the smoke. It was an overwhelming experience…but again, that story is for another post.

While  trying to find my directional bearings by looking up, I found nice surprise in the streets of Manhattan. Water Towers. Yep! They’re everywhere. It’s amazing!

I have decided to do a photo series about them. So here is just a sampling.

I am really hoping to post more Water Tower pics soon. It really is such fun once you discover them. Lily, Matt and I love looking for water towers in NYC.