cuz i am Superwoman, yes i am, yes i am…

I made it through the week without ONE..not one single meltdown!

here was my week:

Monday: Woke up with back spasm.

I went to Target..for my daily meditation…and had a full cart of things I sort of needed. As I was headed to the checkout, the always punctual ,”i gotta go potty NAAAAAO” was requested by my four year old wonder. So of course I stop in my tracks for feear of public pee pee embarrasement and no no sprint to the bathroom at Target.

I leave my fully stocked cart outside the bathroom.

I could not get the family restroom, but fortunately, as you will soo see, I did score the spacious handicap bathrom.

Lily poops and then says, “i don’t feel good mommy”.

Me, being the kind and caring mommy that I am, squat right in front of her to kiss her and say, “it’s OK honey, we’re going home after you potty”.

Without warning, my four year old wonder projectile vomits all over me. Oh, she had a red slushy that day. (only her third slushy ever, i do not condone slushy’s but she was soo good all day and I had promised her one)

I was covered in red throwup of course. she then continues throwing up all over the wall, the toilet, floor. the red looked like a crime scene. thank goodness for the spacious handicap stall.

After it was all over, Lily said, ” I feel much better mommy”. Yea really??

We ran out the door to the safety of our car and headed home straight to the shower.

that was my Monday!

Did I lose it? Nope, I was superwoman!

Tuesday: I had a coffee date with my friend at the swanky Richard Gere restaurant Bedford Post and it gave me enough inspiration for the rest of the day. Lily and I went to Muscoot and watched  “Rob” the Pig loose his tooth because he got his mouth stuck in the fence. That was traumatic.

Oh yea I also got peed on by Lily and Matt had a stressful day.

Oh and I “just said NO”. It felt good.

Did I lose it? Nope, I was superwoman!

Wednesday: Had a crappy day because I was tired of cleaning everyday just so I could be like Martha and decided that i am not Martha Stewart and never will be.

I ate Tacos with great people and sang christmas songs. I can still hit those Soprano 1 notes…yeehaw!

Lily had a meltdown at the end of the evening and Matt came to my rescue!

Did I lose it? Nope, I was superwoman!

Thursday: Awoke to my 85 lb St. Bernard puppy stepping on my face. Not a good way to wake up.

Got a quicky massage from a friend, did a quick cleaning of the downstairs and did the groceries in 30 mins (amazeballs) and made a fab lunch. Had a friend over for lunch, played dollies with Lily, spent the afternoon with friends of Lily and played with her and then came home, had pancakes with Matt and Lily and put Lily to bed and now am enjoying a well deserved glass of wine.

I did all this all week without losing my cool. Mom’s of the world Holla if ya hear me!!! Hootie hoo!!!!!

Pretty superwomanish if you ask me.