I have not had a show in a long while and my rehearsals are scarce! I need to CREATE!!!

Lately, my frustration with my lack of time to make dances has been taking over my mind and really putting me in a depresso mood. I have not been able to have any dance oriented thing happen for me in a while and this has been taking it’s toll. There is a need for me to create something…anything!!!

So I brought out my sewing machine, which I purchased at Target 4 yrs ago and have never used, and I brought out some old clothes that I was giving away or throwing away and started to create!

This i what came out while watching the world series last night.


a little something for Lily

Now don’t laugh, it’s pretty decent for someone who does not know how to sew. Lily saw this little guy this morning and loved him! Jonah, my St. Bernard pup, loved him as well.

I think i am going to make a family of them and give them out to the little people in my life.

The process of making something just ignites such an energy in me, I can’t explain it. Just watching something being made from …nothing.

Sewing was certainly relaxing and calming and certainly fed my creative soul, without the coordination it takes to make a dance… renting space, finding a chunk of time in the day…etc.

Gotta get my dance on soon though!