Leaf Printing

“Leaves are falling, leaves are falling, on the ground, on the ground, run and try and catch them, run and try and catch them, off the ground ,off the ground.”


leaves caught at their peak.

My obsession with ink and printing has seeped into Lily. We spent a few hours collecting leaves and then printing them onto paper. I have used a brayer in the past but with a four year old… fingers and palms work best.

Here’s how we did this project:

You will need:

stamp pad (color of your choice),


paper or surface you want to print on. (Cardboard from some old boxes work really well)

*Find some leaves

* place leaf on stamp pad and gently press with your finger

* place inked side down onto your paper or printing surface

* again, press lightly with fingers and palms

* make sure you press every corner

* small hands work best!

* don’t forget the stem

* slowly lift off the surface

* tada!  Leaf Print!


Printed leaf on paper

A fine collection of leaves.


Basket full of leaves.

Little hands working hard.DSCF1391

We also glittered some of the leaves but the color just doesn’t show.


You can make cards and print on fabrics and do all sorts of things with this technique.

Enjoy! let me know if any of you try this project.