I have a new dog.

He is amazing.

I lost the love of my life, my doggie Lincoln in March of 2009. I am really heartbroken about this. Painfully heartbroken.

Lily has been talking about a dog for a while and we had started talking about thinking about looking for a dog.

We knew we wanted a  giant breed. Newf, St. Bernard, Mastiff…etc

Matt gets a call last Thursday, from a shelter. They had a dog that needed a home. The dog was still at the family’s home. So we visit that evening. 9 month old st. Bernard. Due to family situational changes they could not care for the dog. The dog was neutered, shots given, stapled…all of it.

We fell in love and he arrived to live with us the very next day!

Meet Jonah!

Heeeeere's Jonah!

Heeeeere's Jonah!

Jonah is amazing. He has brought a new energy to our lives. The power of animals can never ever be underestimated.

So I am changing the name of my blog because we no longer are three.