It’s a good thing

I’m off to the Marth Stewart Show today!  I will be in the Martha Stewart Show Audience.

The episode we are filming tomorrow is the Martha Stewart Tech Show.

I am so excited about the techy goodies. I am such a techy but don’t look like one. You would never know my tech savyness. So the possibilities of what could be the tech goody are making me soo excited. Is it a Flip, could it be the new Verizon notebook, what about a new iphone? i’ll fill you in. I’ll be blogging, tweeting and FBing live from the show! so keep it here!

Funny thing, I have NEVER seen her Daytime TV show. But i love the mags, Living, Food, and Body and Soul. I check her website every single day! no joke. I read her blog, and check the craft section and organizing tip of the day.

Since being a momsicle, I have this overwhelming need to domesticate myself and what better way than MARTHA. (I am saying this with an apron on and high heels with perfectly coiffed hair and smirk on my face)

I want to be her for a day…no no no, a week. I want to soak in some of that Marthaness.