Unslumpify yo’self, girl.

Unslumpify yo'self, girl.

I had a bad day today. I woke up feeling crappy and my crappy-ness just flooded my whole day.

I skipped out on all the fun saturday Fall Festivals. I went to the craft store to maybe be inspired to ‘create’, but then I caught a glimpse of my slumpy self in the mirror and that made me feel worse.

I mean, here I am, in my early early 30’s, no wrinkles, body in decent shape and I walk around like a homeless person! I should be taking advantage of my youth ya know!

So I came straight home in hopes to unslumpify myself…but my crappy mood got the better of me and I slumped in front of the TV for a bit. Then I said, “AW hellz no” and went to the book store to read up on unslumpifying myself. Not one book was available. The self-help section did not help me at all.

So I figured, I’ll read about non-profit management, this only made me feel stresssed that I had much to do to manage my dance company and instead here I am reading about it.

So I came back home and got to work. I listened to music, I ate, I did some jumping jacks, nothing worked.

I washed my face and took a look at myself.

I looked so bad, so sad and so dumpy. I just wanted to shout out… Unslumpify  yo’self  girl!!!