I have gained a gross amount of weight lately. In the last month I have noticed a HUGE difference in my entire body mass. My clothes don’t fit, my thighs rub and my knees hurt.

So i decided to think about why.

here are the reasons:

I used to dance ( professional dancer…not the pole type, the concert dance type) 5 times a week for many hours. Last year my hub abd I adopted Lily, she is 4 and I dropped my full time dancing to …well no dancing.

I eat at home all the time. so I eat a lot more than I used to.

I stress and stay up all night.

I drink soda and red bull and coffee all day, to keep up with Lily’s energy!

I don’t exercise.

Now I don’t weigh myself and have never been on fad diets, but It is time y’all. I gotsa get my body back!

I started a “get back in bangin shape” plan last week. So far I have skipped 5 running days, but the eating part has been better.

Better Me Better Family. let’s get it!