Sorry about the mess

Some of my friends came over today…

I feel like I should say…

Some of Lily the boss- of-me’s friends came over today…

but I felt like these mom types are MY friends just as much as their kiddies are Lily’s friends.

SO, again…some of my friends came over today and it was great. We played, the kids played and it was a great time for everyone! As each friend, with tiny people attached, came to the house, I greeted them with an exhuberant…”so sorry the house is a mess”.

The truth is, my house was NOT a mess…for my standards or for others standards. So why the need t apologize for your “lived in” look.

I live here people, i pick up at the end of the day, start the day clean and fresh and by 2pm…it’s been lived in.

My friends and their little people did not mind the occasional sword in the path way or baby doll slepping in a corner.

The new “hospitality”.

During Christmas, we have a “decorating party”. Our friends come over, we make a great meal and drink and then get the ladders out and get the lights up and all that.

Making people feel like they are part of the family IS the new hospitality!

So …sorry about the mess on this blog, i’m working on it.