poolGoing to the local town pool everyday can become somewhat of a boring chore!

Something happened on Wednesday that has me chuckling …today!

Lily and I met a 2 yr old named Chloe and her dad. Well Chloe and her dad were swimming in the “big pool” as were Lily and I. Chloe’s dad was very impressed with Lily’s swimming and splashing and especially dunking ability. (Lily is 4 yrs old.)

He asked me when I thought Chloe would start dunking? Chloe had dunked only once all summer. I responded with a very educated, ” well kids learn from seeing other kids, don’t pressure her, all in due time, each child has their own timing for these things..etc”.

I get excited when I get to be the one giving advice…because I can barely figure out what I am doing on a day to day basis.

Well my little Lily, enjoying being the center of attention, started to show off. Jumping in the water, dunking and swimming to the point of spurting…etc!

Chloe gets excited and does this too…her dad is thrilled!

“Oh goodness, you were right! She IS learning from Lily. Do it again Chloe.”

Along comes the mom, tiny baby in her arms. She says,  ” HONEY, what are you doing?”

Chloe’s dad responds, ” Look at Lily she can swim it’s so amazing, she’s only 4 and now Chloe has been dunking because of watching Lily”.

The mom looks and me and smiles, and then says, “That’s great dear, but do you remember we were at the doctor’s two days ago and Chloe has TUBES IN HER EARS, she should not be dunking!”

Chloe’s dad turned red and got out of the pool immediately.