NeighboursWhen i lived in India, I have these memories of neighbours.
Neighbours were almost like family.we actually called them “auntie and Uncle”

When I was in college at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL I had neighbours who partied with us all the time. We’d talk across balconies, have parties and share lazy sundays together.
Now that i am grown and have a home and hubby and kiddo, I have neighbours…but it’s different. First becasue I live on street that is predominantly business. Business’s like lawyers, doctors,dentists,flower shops, massage..etc they are all practices in old homes like mine. so the street looks tres ideal. The trees, the gardens, the old homes neatly manicured but not many neighbours.
I have about 5 residental homes on my street. I know three of the five people.
Our neighbour Jackie O (name made up) came over today with her two dogs. We shared some wine and some stories and talked about our stresses and our joys.

Neighbours are part of an extended family. I look forward to Jackie O and her dogs. Lily loves playing with her doggies and i love sharing the fruit of the grape and exerting my gift of gab!

Jackie O is a patron of the arts, and works for Eileen Fisher. I  NOW own ONE solitary article from Eileen Fisher, an overcoat gifted to me by Jackie O. I like Eileen Fisher becasue of their commitment to community, arts and women. They have tons of grants that award the three demographics mentioned. A profitable company that is giving back…what a genius concept! Giving to the arts is important to me because I am in the arts, community giving is also vital.

My mom is a social worker and the importance of giving has been instilled in me since birth. Supporting women run business just plain ole rocks! so yea to neighbours and yes to Eileen Fisher!!! and Jackie O and her dogs rock my world.