Pool time woes

Lily and I spend hours at the pool almost everyday. Although this is satisfying sometimes, most of the time my mind is trying to think of all the things I could be/should be doing!

We have about 2 weeks left on the pool calendar so I’m going to suck it up and deal.

The hot summer fun days of the pool come with their own set of requirements, sunsreen multiple times a day, daily scrub downs, wet towels that need to be laundered everyday, food crumbs in the bottom of my pool bag, daily lunch, snacks, hydration and my poor bathing suits that are coming apart at the seams.

Some things I can handle…others not so much.

So please pass on your wisdom to help me out with the following dilemnas.

  • How do I get the chlorine smells out of my hair and Lily’s hair?
  • My eyes BURN from swimming in the water, I don’t wear goggles because I have to stay focused on Lily. She’s 4 and can’t really swim. How do I get rid of the burn, and blurryness.
  • My skin has white spots all over! I’m brown skinned. I have these white fuzzy spots on my arms and back and chest.

Ah dog days of summer, I am ready for fall!