Ok so who knew back in the day when tha kid was waxing his way through karate that ‘waxing” would become part of my monthly ritual as well.

No I am not traing for any karate championship, the only thing I am trying to champion these days seems to be my sanity!

I am speaking of that monthly visit to your friendly neighbourhood esthetician. I should probably get my moustache waxed more often…but time and energy always gets the better of me.

I have been going to a little nail salon in the neighbourhood. The waxing is quick and unrestful and sometimes uncomfortable but the price is great and they do a great job, it’s convinient, non threatning, non commital..etc.

Well along comes Facelogic. This is a chain of ‘essential skincare spas”. I called them up made my apt for an eyebrow and lip wax. They booked me the same day. I went in at 5:15pm and was out by 5:30pm. The experience was…delicious! The lobby was beautiful, scented with spa oils and Yanni-esque music was playing. ( Yanni does not sound so bad at a spa!). The esthetician, Michelle, took me to a room, dark, behind a curtain, quiet. I sat in a plush leather chair that then tilted back. She gave me a quick face massage, approx 2 mins. and got started. The waxing was divine! I would have fallen asleep if it wasn’t for the occassional gentle rip of the wax strips. The price was $3 more than my quickie nail salon.

I felt a tinge of gulit that here I was indulging in a hygenic visit instead of nurturing my 4 year old. But it did not last long…after all it was a just a tinge of guilt 😉