I headed out to Jackson Heights, Queens this past weekend in search of great fresh produce and heritage.

Jackson Heights is a neighbourhood in Queens, NY that is predominately OSuth Asian. Which what i check off in scantron tests. I am from India so I refer to the neighbourhood as “India-town”. 

India-Town is one of my fav places to go. Lily loves the color and food of the neighbourhood. I am fortunate to have a kiddie who loves spicy food. 

Jackson Heights, Queens, NY Jackson Heights has it all for you South Asian, the food, the jewlery, the saris, the Political adgenda, the toys. 

I remember taking my Grandma there approx 6 yrs ago and she said, ” this is just like India”. So that was it! Seal of approval. I occasionaly get a call from my mom and Grandma, who live is Florida, who ask for a certain spice or vegetable that’s ONLY found in “India_Town” I have to admit, I love going there. It’s the Land of Plenty!

Produce: Fresh

Jewelry: 28K

Food: Fa realz

Authenticity: 100%








We ate at Jackson diner. Definetly one of the BEST place in the neighbourhood. there are some small establishments that claim to be the BEST but all the times that  i have been there and eaten at many a place, I always and I mean ALWAYS take my mom and grandma to Jackson Diner. So I gots ta give it some props!

Masala Dosa, Idli and Samosa’s were our little snack for the day. ( We had other dinner plans).Sauces @ Jackson Diner

Of course a little Jilebi at a local sweet shop was essential.


Who can guess what this is!!!!

Who can Guess???

Overall, we had a great time in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. You should go. Find a piece of India!