Mother’s helper

Every Mother need help…especially this one!

So, today I got a “mother’s helper”. What is mother’s helper? Well, the “helper’ is  like a babysitter but you can’t leave them home alone with your kid because the “helper” is a kid themself. The “helper” would be between the age of 8-11. Too young to be left solo, but too old to need a sitter themselves.

My mother’s helper is Petunia(made up name) and she is 10 yrs. young. As i sit here I can hear Lily and Petunia squeal with excitement as they play on the slip’n’ slide outside. Faces stained with popsicles they just enjoyed sitting under the big tree. It’s quite ideal. 

Because of Petunia, I have been able to put away laundry, finshing unpacking from our recent vacation, clean the whole downstairs, organize my desk, make phone calls and send emails and breathe!

Petunia stays for about 2 hrs. although she ends up having such a fun time she always sticks around longer. the pay is $2 – $5 per hour. I usually book her for 2 hours. 

The thing to remember is that the ‘mother’s helper’ is a kid herself and so I always have activities planned that are then run by and enjoyed by her.

Great summer job for kids, and great summer break for me!

I myself highly recommend Petunia. So if you live in Northern Westchester, get in touch with me and I’ll send you the deets.

Has anyone else tried a mother’s helper? Any stories to share?