So fresh and so clean clean.

I have these memories of when I was young, growing up in India, and my mom would boil pure cow’s milk and then scoop the top layer of cream and slather it on my face. The smell was repulsive, and it felt bad going on, but she would massage it on and tell us of it’s goodness and long term effects. Today, I thank her. My mom is of a certain age and she look 20 years younger than that certain age. Her skin is gorgeous!

I feel like this past year I have been especially concerned with my aging skin. I am right at the cusp when you start to notice strange things going on with your skin. Spots, a wrinkle or two, drying…etc

I have been a true Oil of Olay user for many many years now. all their products, eye stuff, wash cloths…you name it, i got it and have used it. I use it because my mom uses Oil of Olay and speaks of its benefits and long term goodness.

A few months back i decided to branch out and use other products. I have been hearing the buzz about Philosophy and have tried their hair care in the past. I used to work as a concierge at this fab boutique hotel in soho and we used all philosophy bath products, so I was hooked.

I tried one of the Philosophy starter kits. It comes with Purity (cleanser), Hope in a jar (moisturizer and eye and lip cream), and my fav Hope and  a prayer (a topical vitamin c powder that you mix with your moisturizer). I have notice a difference in my skin, I have had many a day sans makeup. I have some unevenness in the tone of my skin and I have noticed a big ole difference , for the better, since using Philosophy.

Now I do think I was blessed with great skin, and the cow milk cream helped but Philosophy might be a keeper.

Clean face

The only con to this product…it’s a big con, is it’s price. It’s is PRICEY! A single product can cost you up to $50. I bought my kit at Target for $35. Four products in a kit for $35. It’s great! Keep it coming Target.

What is your skin care routine?