Second post

Fresh Fram food!

Matt, Lily and I went to the farmer’s market in Coldspring, NY today. It was great! everyone should go to farmer’s market simply for the smell of fresh produce and the cool folks you meet along the way.

we made a great dinner with the loot we got and enjoy some good apple cider from a vineyard/winery in western NY.

I love Coldspring. The place makes me feel as though I am on vacation. the Foundry Cafe has the great new food with a punchy waitress to add to it’s charm. Antique shops ( not my thing), book stores, childrens stores, outdoor stores, a bead shop, local artist galleries all make this town an amazing visit. Even the mean shop guy at a particular home store is charming. We have been going to ColdSpring for 5 yrs now. it’s only 40ish mins way. And every time we go…this shop guy is snotty. But the town is so great that he’s part of the charm.

Lily loved the farmer’s market. Her 4 yr old self liked that nearly every vendor gave her free samples of something sweet. I take comfort that the sweet stuff was organic and made from nature…so how bad can it be right?

We alse stopped in Tarrytown, NY on the way home. 

Matt loves Mint the fine food store. the beer selection in particular is great… i don’t drink beer but the shopkeeper gave lily some organic ginger sweet thing and some other candy. what’s with four year olds getting candy!

I just got back from a vaca and my garden has gone rogue, my plants in a coma and my house full of bugs that just randomly fall on me while i type this!! Summer in NY! i love it.