Hey all

Welcome to my first blog. here I will share my everyday experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly…there’s a lot of ugly!

I do alot in a day, in a week and sometimes it all comes crashing down!

My husband and I adopted a 4 year old baby girl in 2008. The experience  has been the biggest change of my life, it has also been the greatest happiness of my life.

I’m just trying to make it through each day without losing my mind. So far…not very successful. I am a choreographer/dancer and am the chick-in-charge of a successful modern dance company in NYC. I love going out to eat, parks, and wasting endless amounts of time online..eeks! I am a total reality TV addict the ” so bad you love em” kind. Housewives, Top Chef, Runway, Daisy of love..all that mess.

Since this mommy stuff is fairly new to me…14 months. I am struggling to define the many roles I have to juggle. Wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, enemy, bosslady, domestic diva and most of all, the “old” me.

I just got back from a fab vacation across the eastern part of the country. VA, NC, GA,FL, MS, AR, IL and back to NY. During my trip many times I heard the phrase…”my how you have changed since becoming a mom”. It almost makes me feel like the becoming a Mom is a weird thing. Well it kinda was…when i was sans kid. Being a mom was Streotypically the talk show watching, coffee sippin, perfectly clean homemaker , soft spoken nurturer. Oh, and throw in a floral dress for good measure…with pumps…and flawless lipstick…and an apron with a plate of cookies.

Now that I am a “MOM”, i chug my coffee in the morning often time in the shower…if i can squeeze in a shower. talk show?? does watching Oprah at 2am count. (it’s when the house is quiet and i can get work done) and the perfectly clean part…you must be joking, i burn everything i try to bake, i don’t own anything floral, and my apron is stained with everything i spill!

So who are these women who sip coffee and watch TV in their floral pumpin dresses? where are they? Can you come out and give me the magic potion for that life.

Our family is very active and we do a lot. My daughter Lily and I spend all day doing art projects. gluing things and painting things and going on adventures in our neighbourhood. We also go to the zoo, aquarium, museums and farms. I love where I live, Westchester County. There is never a dull moment in these parts.

Ok so i think that covers it. My first “mom” blog.